On the mind of the Rev. Adrian Dannhauser

Dec 15, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Last Sunday, I gave the congregation a small window into what happens in the “back of house.” That’s what I call the area just beyond the door next to the pulpit, from where the choir, clergy and altar party emerge each Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

Our worship space is like a fancy restaurant, and those of us leading worship try to foster an enjoyable, peaceful and meaningful experience – a little like fine dining. Behind closed doors, however, sometimes all heck is breaking loose.

The preacher can’t get the printer to print their sermon. One of the wireless microphones is missing. The chalice bearer is stuck in traffic. Someone is having a wardrobe malfunction with their vestments. The list goes on.

Things get even hairier on the Sunday of the Christmas Pageant. Inevitably, some children have to drop out due to sickness, which means last minute changes to role assignments. Other children might be breaking props, running around where they’re not supposed to be, or simply not following instructions – a prelude to the Pageant itself, with its adorable many mishaps.

Add to the mix choir members who are feeling nervous about Lessons and Carols happening later that Sunday evening, and all of us leading worship are collectively fit to be tied.

So, on the Third Sunday of Advent, this is what I prayed with everyone in the back of house – “God bless the crazy.”

God bless the crazy. It’s funny but true. And it applies to much more than a worship service.

God bless our lack of control over the situation. God bless our best efforts in the face of uncertainty because the show must go on. God bless our trust that all shall be well even when the ground seems to shake beneath our feet.

Life has felt a bit crazy more than once these past few years.

And what I hear over and over from parishioners is how steady this church and our faith community has been for them. This is true for those who rejoice in opportunities to be together – like the return of the Christmas Fair – and for those who haven’t ventured into the building but remain engaged with us online.

As Christmas draws near, I hope you will continue your support of our parish… and all the craziness and surefootedness that comes with it.

In the name and power of Jesus Christ, the rock of our salvation and the cornerstone of our faith,