The Anglican/Episcopal tradition speaks of a three-legged stool of authority. The legs of the stool are Scripture, Reason and Tradition. In order to better understand the claims our faith makes on us and how it influences our lives, we use our intellect and understanding of the divine as we engage in study of the Bible and the tradition. Christian education and formation is meant for all of us at every stage of our development.

Godly Play

During the Sunday 11:00 am service, children ages 3 to 10 are encouraged to participate in our Godly Play program. Younger children are welcome in the nursery, and older children are invited to serve as Acolytes in the worship service.

Godly Play is a Montessorri-based method of Biblical Storytelling. In each session, the children hear a sacred story, parable or liturgical lesson and respond to open-ended questions that invite them to wonder about what they have just heard. The children engage in art or imaginative play as they continue to explore the meaning of the story.

Echo the Story

Echo the Story is our Sunday School program for children in middle school (6th to 8th grade). It is a Biblical narrative journey designed for youth using a collection of learning styles. Class is held from 10:00 to 10:40 a.m. in the Parish House.

Bible Study and Lenten Lectures

Sundays at 10:00 am from mid-September until mid-June, we offer “Adult Forum”, an educational hour for adults in the Parish House Living Room. The topic of study varies. In the recent past, the group has spent multiple sessions on the Apostle Paul, the Holy Spirit, and introductory lectures to Biblical Scholarship.

Inquirers’ Class

Every winter, usually during Lent, a series of six weekly meetings presents the understanding of the Christian faith professed by the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. It is the normal preparation for becoming an official member of Incarnation but the course also serves as a refresher for those who are already members and a place for non-Episcopalians to explore questions about faith and life. Children 12 and over are also welcome to attend. Speak to the clergy for further information or to register for the class.


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