We are an open and vibrant community, experiencing God’s love in relationship with one anther and offering a warm and Christian welcome to all. Everyone is accepted and embraced as a friend.

What manifold gifts come from one Holy Spirit! How more and more we realize our need of all these various gifts! How more and more we know that our Church is kept alive and growing and bearing fruit, not just because of one person or of a few, but because of us all.
– The Rev. John Atherton Bell, Rector, 1944

Many Christians have discovered one way in which God acts: what we might call ordinary miracles. These events occur in unspectacular ways, during the normal course of human life … And if we think about it, this is a much bigger religious story than the spectacular miracles we hear about once in a while. It is these ordinary miracles of everyday life that, if we can open our eyes, our minds and our hearts to them, give us the feeling that the presence of God can be with us at any time. Nothing can separate us from that.
– The Rev. J. Douglas Ousley, Rector, 2010

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