Serving those beyond our doors

Serving others is an integral part of the Christian life. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry reminds us that “Love is The Way,” and each of us is called to express that love in service to others. Please explore Incarnation’s outreach ministries and the work of our partners.

Volunteer Opportunities

Mission Discernment

Incarnation is actively discerning a call to a new mission and outreach commitment, and a team of parishioners recently completed a series of mission discernment workshops with Diocesan Deacon Denise LaVetty. As we come closer to identifying a specific long-term initiative, we are engaging in one-off volunteer opportunities and serving at Crossroad Community Services. Contact the Rev. Rik Pike to learn more.

Moravian Open Door

Incarnation is regularly involved in projects at Moravian Open Door (MOD), a transitional housing facility for homeless adults.

Our ministry with MOD is characterized by mutual joy in fellowship.  We don’t just serve; we come together to laugh and have fun. This is most clearly seen and felt during our bingo nights, theme parties, and other activities that foster an environment of collaboration and celebration. Volunteers from our church cook, collect prizes, plan games, and then bring it all to the MOD common room for a good time to be had by all.  While we also do projects off site – holding a linens drive, writing birthday cards to the residents, making sandwiches and goodie bags – we most enjoy bringing the Incarnation and MOD communities together. Read about this ministry in the August 2018 issue of Moravian Magazine. (pp. 12-13)

During the pandemic, we are finding creative ways of serving MOD from afar. Incarnation also has a seat on the MOD Board of Directors, enabling us to provide further assistance.

Computer Help for Seniors — Senior Resource Day
**Currently on pause**

Responding to current needs of senior citizens, some of whom have limited experience with computers and social media, Church of the Incarnation has developed a unique outreach program to teach and assist those who would like to learn computer skills or put the knowledge they already have to better use. Three times a year, Incarnation holds “Senior Resource Day,” when parish volunteers offer one-on-one tech assistance to help seniors in the neighborhood navigate the Internet and email, video chat, social media, smartphones, and tablets (such as iPads).

One of the first attendees of Senior Resource Day asked to get connected to Twitter so she could stay in touch with her granddaughter living far away. An 84-year-old who said her parents lived well into their 90’s decided to set up a profile at a dating site. Others have learned computer skills and how to use new mobile apps.

Senior Resource Day continues to be a meaningful experience for seniors and volunteers alike, a testament to the power of ministry in Jesus’ name. To quote one volunteer, “I got a hug from one of the seniors, as she was so happy with what we were able to do for her. I certainly made a new friend. It really felt good and for me; the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident. We get so much from helping our neighbors as Christ taught us.

Operation Santa

During the Christmas season, parishioners are invited to select a letter written to “Santa” by a child in need and purchase gifts for that child. In 2020, we provided presents for 51 children living in a nearby homeless shelter. Thanks to all who purchased gifts and showed such care and compassion to make Christmas a little brighter for these kids and families.

Prayers and Partners

Spiritual Outreach

Outdoor prayer spiritual outreach“Ask me for a blessing. God’s grace is meant to be shared.”

Each Tuesday at 9:00 a.m., we put out a sign with this message in front of the church. One of the clergy stands outside to offer blessings and prayers for healing to those who pass by. The Rev. Adrian Dannhauser has started blogging about this ministry at askmeforablessing.com.

Incarnation Center

Incarnation Center was founded as “Incarnation Camp” in 1886. Now a 700-acre site in Ivoryton, Connecticut, east of New Haven, the facility includes almost 60 buildings and a mile-long private lake. It is open 365 days a year for overnight and day camps, conferences, nature study and recreation. The Incarnation Vestry annually elects the governing Board of Directors, which has representatives from our parish and 25 other sponsoring parishes. A link to the camp is provided; its main phone number is 860 767-0848.

Link Parish in London

In 2009, our parish established a link with a Church of England parish in the Diocese of London, with which the Diocese of New York has a “companion” relationship. Our link is St. Vedast Alias Foster, located in the ancient City of London, just behind St. Paul’s Cathedral. Incarnation members visiting London are encouraged to attend St. Vedast and to make themselves known to the clergy and parishioners there.

Music with James
**Currently on pause**

Incarnation hosts Music with James on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:00 to 4:45 p.m. in our Assembly Hall. Music with James is a high-energy music class for children ages 4 months to 4 years. The children sing along, dance, and play instruments with each song — shaking bells and maracas, tapping tambourines, drums, castanets and xylophones. Animal puppets, bouncing balls and a colorful parachute add to the fun. All classes are drop-in and parishioners receive a reduced rate.

To get involved or to learn more about our outreach ministries and partnerships, please contact the Rev. Rik Pike.