From your Deacon

Apr 3, 2022

I don’t know about you, but the weather has a power over me, sometimes in a good way and sometimes, well let’s just call it “not so good”. It affects my mood, my activities, what I eat, how effectively I work, even my prayer life – oh, and of course, my hair.

It’s officially Spring and you know how that works in New York. One day it feels Spring-like, almost a hint of Summer. Then the temperature drops and the 45 degrees that a month ago felt warm, now seems bitter cold. Oh, wow, there’s a little sleet! Then another warm day, then a plunge to freezing again.

My Lent has been a bit like the weather. I have days, sometimes a few in a row, where I’m really working it and following the disciplines I planned. Then there’s those other days, those spiritually freezing days, where it seems difficult to even pray. It’s been a wintery mix for sure.

And sometimes I have to wonder and ask myself “who’s in charge here?” Now, of course, we all know who’s really in charge, but we’re kind of the “floor manager” of our day-to-day operations, right?

I think it may be as simple as recognizing what it is, what it really is, that’s rattling us. It could be some serious things like family issues, health, or financial problems. And it could be as simple as the weather. We all know there are things we can control and things we can’t control. We can sort all this out by taking everything to God, making that connection, and drawing strength from it.

And dress in layers and bring an umbrella because… well, you know, it’s Spring!

Deacon Denise