Godly Play

During the Sunday 11:00 am service, children ages 3 to 10 are encouraged to participate in our Godly Play program. Younger children are welcome in the nursery, and older children are invited to serve as Acolytes in the worship service.

Godly Play is a Montessori-based method of Biblical Storytelling. In each session, the children hear a sacred story, parable or liturgical lesson and respond to open-ended questions that invite them to wonder about what they have just heard. The children engage in art or imaginative play as they continue to explore the meaning of the story. Their time together concludes with prayers of thanksgiving.

Each year our curriculum is refreshed and we have new stories and a new emphasis on learning the basics of faith. However, we also continue Godly Play’s focus on the relationship between God and your child.

Some families have asked why Sunday School starts and ends with the children in church. Yes, they can get distracted and a bit wiggly. But kids pick up more than we think during the service, and it makes a profound impact on them to see their parents and other adults in church, taking faith seriously. We also think it’s important for them to realize that all that happens in church – particularly communion – is for them now, not just for grown-ups. ​However, it’s important to know that our professional nursery attendant is available in the Parish House to care for your child before Godly ​Play begins, as well as during Coffee Hour. The nursery is open to all children from infants through 10-year-olds. ​Children 11 and older are invited to serve as acolytes, assisting in the service.

To learn more about Godly Play, our Acolyte Program or other opportunities for children, please contact the Rev. Adrian Dannhauser.



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