Dignity of Labor (16)

Tiffany Glass Company

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The Twenty-third Psalm window illustrates the text of this beautiful song. In the upper portion, angels bear torches and lilies. this window was also executed by Frederick Wilson of the Tiffany Glass Company. The long, flowing lines in the design of these two windows reflect the influence of the Art Nouveau style, of which Tiffany was very much a proponent.

Note that in the American-manufactured windows in this church, the faces and portraits are painted in oils onto the transparent glass. The English-manufactured windows in this church use an entirely different technique, where all aspects of the illustration are etched directly onto the colored glass and stained prior to assembly. The painted portraits have weathered over time, and are now protected from weather elements with a outer layer of plexiglass.

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  1. Sarah Gallick says:

    Thank you so much for posting this information about your beautiful windows. I only wish you had included the names of the donors (which are sometime visible on the widow) because that sometimes explains the theme of the window. I also wondered why the windows were produced by different artists and some in the US and some in England. Was that the decision of each donor? Did he or she work closely with the artist?
    Sincerely, Sarah Gallick

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