Congratulations on your betrothal, and thank you for considering the Church of the Incarnation for your wedding ceremony.

In the Episcopal Church it is required that at least one of the individuals desiring to be married be a baptized Christian. Clergy are required to meet with the couple for a minimum of three premarital counseling sessions and must know about any previous marriages. Permission of the Bishop of New York is required if either of the persons has been married before.

Below is general fee information for the various provisions of a typical wedding at the church.

This list should only serve as a guide. Please contact the clergy for detailed and final information.

Church $1,500 (with $750 deposit)
Clergy $1,000 (includes 3 sessions of premarital counseling)
Organist $450
Soloist $200
Choir $175 per singer
Sexton $200
Use of Wedding Banner $50
Videographer $200 (allows for Zoom participation)









wedding banner

Church of the Incarnation

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