“Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body the Church. The bond which God establishes in Baptism is indissoluble.” – Book of Common Prayer


Holy Baptism is the sacrament by which a person–infant, child or adult–becomes a member of the Body of Christ. Baptism in any tradition or denomination is recognized as long as one has been baptized with water and in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All baptized Christians are invited to receive communion, including children.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baptism

Q: When should we call to arrange to have our infant baptized?
A: Not until the child is born. Please do let us know when you are expecting as we would like to join you in prayers of thanksgiving and prayers for the health of the mother and the child.

Q: When will the baptism take place?
A: Usually in the midst of an 11:00 am Holy Eucharist service. There are four times a year when it is particularly appropriate to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Baptism: the Easter Vigil, Pentecost, All Saints’, and on the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord. At Incarnation, baptisms are performed on these feasts, the dates of which change year to year, as well as one Sunday a month.

Q: What is required of sponsors or godparents?
A: “Each candidate for Holy Baptism is to be sponsored by one or more baptized persons. Sponsors of adults and older children present their candidates and thereby signify their endorsement of the candidates and their intention to support them by prayer and example in their Christian life. Sponsors of infants, commonly called godparents, present their candidates, make promises in their own names, and also take vows on behalf of their candidates. It is fitting that parents be included among the godparents of their own children.” – Book of Common Prayer

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