The Rector believes that, for many people, music is an “incarnational experience” — the appearance of the divine in human form. Music has always played an important role in the spiritual life of Incarnation, evidenced by the church’s history of outstanding organists and music directors, including such names as Charlotte Wells, Edward Shippen-Barnes, Thomas Dunn, Leonard Raver and Jon Gillock. This tradition continues under the direction of Matthew Lewis, who was appointed Organist and Director of Music in 1994. Dr. Lewis has infused the music program with energy and creativity; he and his all-professional choir are a source of pride for the congregation.

As is the case throughout the history of the Church of the Incarnation, Christmas and Easter remain important sacred and musical celebrations for the parish and the community.

Listen to our choir:

Send Out Your Light:

Laudate Nomen Domini:

Benedictus es Domine:


More information about Incarnation’s all-professional choir.


More information about Incarnation’s newly renovated organ.

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