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Monday, November 25th, 2019

Although New York City is now in high gear in preparations for the holidays, its attempts to deal with some persistent problems seem entangled in contradictions.

The worsening traffic situation is not going to be helped by more bus lanes, lane closures for pedestrian malls, and bicycle lanes. However worthy these latter changes, diminishing the number of traffic lanes will mean fewer areas where trucks and cars can circulate.

Lessening sanctions on fare beaters in the subways and buses will relieve crowding in the courts but will, at the same time, deprive the MTA of much-needed revenue.

Attempts to make all schools accessible to all will mitigate some forms of inequality, but at the cost of degrading the excellence of the relatively few schools in the public system that actually do a good job of educating students.

I have no solution to any of these quandaries. Yet as Christians begin the season of Advent, when we look at the larger picture of life in the context of our eternal destiny, we may be especially bound to to look at the larger picture of life in our city and what we can do to address our many problems. —J. Douglas Ousley