There are many ways to define membership within an Episcopal Church. A central teaching of the faith is that Baptism is full initiation and inclusion in the Body of Christ. Through the Sacrament of Baptism, a person becomes a member of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. This bond is indissoluble (Book of Common Prayer, page 298).

In confirmation, the baptized makes a mature and public commitment to his or her baptismal vows after having received instruction about the Christian faith as it is expressed in the Anglican (i.e. English; the Episcopal Church has its roots in the Church of England) tradition. A confirmed member of a parish is expected to be involved in the ministries of the congregation.

According to the Canons of the Church, a confirmed communicant in good standing (one who receives Holy Communion at least three times a year and makes contributions to the church, see Stewardship) can vote at the parish’s annual meeting.


Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the members of the parish normally occurs on the second Sunday of January. Vestry members and delegates and alternates to Diocesan Convention are elected and reports are given by the Rector and other parish leaders orally or in written form.

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