Rector Search

A letter from the Rector Search Committee Chair

As an important part of the Rector search process, we ask that every parishioner complete the PARISH SURVEY. (Contact the clergy if you would prefer to receive a paper copy.) The survey includes demographic questions, questions about your connection to the parish and your opinions and preferences and concludes with a section for any comments.
The compiled survey results will be used first as talking points for a Parish Summit about the search. Second, portions of the survey results will be included in the Parish Profile, a key document to be prepared for review by Rector candidates.
The survey, drawn from diocesan models, was created by the Rector Search Committee in consultation with the Wardens and the Rev. Adrian Dannhauser. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Please take the opportunity now to respond and be counted!
Question responses will be compiled by the survey program. The Search Committee and clergy will see only the complied results, not individual responses.
Thank you,
Christopher Stromee

Rector Search Committee

Christopher Stromee, Chair

Mona Antaramian
Sondra Carter
Barbara Clark
Florin Georgescu
Meredith Huveneers
Janet Loengard
Susan Ridgeway
Robert Tobey


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