In the Name of God: Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier. Amen.

People who live in dry climates, not surprisingly, always worry about water. They know it’s a precious commodity, and their life and health depend on it.

People of the desert also look upon dryness as an image for spiritual need. When we feel “dryness” inwardly, we feel a kind of emptiness. We have a spiritual thirst that only God can satisfy.

No wonder, then, that the Bible is filled with positive references to water. No wonder, too, that the people of Israel thought of spiritual renewal as a kind of irrigation of the soul. God’s spirit comes into our hearts and we are refreshed, like a parched field is restored by life-giving rains. Psalm 126: ”Restore our fortunes, O LORD, like the watercourses of the Negev.”

Further, John the Baptist baptizes with water to foreshadow the cleansing power of the Messiah.

The Lord is a fountain of blessings. A well is a symbol of spiritual refreshment.

One of the great arias in Handel’s oratorio, Messiah, uses the words of Isaiah, “And in the wilderness shall waters break forth…”

May we find spiritual refreshment this Christmas time. May we remember that even in the desert, waters can break forth.


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