No Sympathy for the Devil

Last week, I was extremely fortunate to be given tickets to the performance of the Rolling Stones in the Meadowlands. For someone like me who is of their generation, there is no better rock and roll band on the planet–and no greater performer than Mick Jagger.

It was interesting for me to recall, as I watched the four old men play their countless hits, how menacing the Stones were when they first appeared in the 1960’s. With their “sympathy for the Devil,” they seemed to threaten the very foundations of civil society. Now they seem almost warm and fuzzy.

The Devil however, as Scripture reminds us, remains alive and active. As demonstrated in the horrendous mass shootings of the past week, the Demonic in the form of young white males is very much with us. God help us all.–J. Douglas Ousley

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  1. Stones fan says:

    It is rather funny watching near 80 yr old men still rocking it out … & yes, Mick is still fabulous. Not many bands have weathered the storm like them (alive AND performing). I’m sure they’re just as amazed (who would have ever thought it?)

    And yes, the devil is still alive & kicking as well. These (almost daily) mass shootings are horrendous and saddening. Evil didn’t win & it shall never. Love one another. Let the devil sing: “I can’t get no satisfaction”.

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