Sometimes It Pays to Get Together

I’m not a big fan of clergy gatherings. I usually manage to avoid them.

But since I am reaching mandatory retirement age at the end of this year, I thought a time of reflection would be useful. So I responded to a generous offer from the Church Pension Fund to meet for a week with 27 other clergy and 8 faculty members at an idyllic conference center in Richmond, Virginia.

While most of the clergy at this “CREDO” conference (“credo” is Latin for, “I believe”) were from the South or the Midwest, we seem to share the same joys and face the same challenges in our work. I was impressed by how bright and engaged my colleagues are. The small group sessions were particularly helpful.

The Episcopal Church may be struggling with attendance and other issues, but, to me, the future of its leadership looks bright. —J. Douglas Ousley

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