Out of the Armchair

While I still hold the somewhat controversial position that politics should usually be kept out of the pulpit, I am of the opposite persuasion when it comes to politics in the secular arena.

As the divide between extreme left and extreme right seems to get wider by the minute, American Christians who care about their country are obligated to weigh in with their own beliefs. For citizens, politics isn’t a mere spectator sport.

Especially if we find ourselves in the under-represented center of the political spectrum, we are bound to make our views heard. We need to find candidates to support and voices to be supported–long before the polls open. —J. Douglas Ousley

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  1. David Thayer says:

    Amen to keeping politics out of the pulpit! But, a hearty amen as well to political engagement in the secular sphere, which in an age of government involvement in virtually all our affairs becomes ever more crucial.

    My wife & I visited over the weekend and very much enjoyed the service. We hope to join you again soon.

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