To Medicate or Not

Last Saturday, an informal memorial evening was held for the woman I mentioned in a previous blog who hung herself some weeks before the suicide of Kate Spade. I was asked to participate both as a friend and as a representative clergyperson.

Among the many testimonies that were offered by the woman’s friends in the course of two hours were comments regarding her decision to try to do without the medications she took for her mental issues. Some of her friends felt she should have kept taking them; others applauded her wish to free herself from drugs.

For what it’s worth, my own non-professional opinion is that people shouldn’t feel that it is a weakness to take psychotherapeutic drugs if they are prescribed by a doctor. To me, it’s like taking aspirin for a headache or undergoing chemotherapy to treat an occurrence of cancer.

These medicines are gifts of God, and God wants us to take advantage of them so that we can live happier, more productive lives. —J. Douglas Ousley

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