The Sad End of Kate Spade

While the underlying causes of Kate Spade’s death are at the moment unclear, the tragedy of her death is immensely sad.

The event is not unique: CNN reports a study that concluded that between 1999 and 2014, the death rate from suicide for white women increased by 60%.

As it happens, I was asked just last weekend to participate in a memorial evening for a young woman almost exactly Kate Spade’s age who had hanged herself a couple of weeks ago. In this case, too, the motives are not certain; the woman I knew may have decided to stop taking her anti-depressant medication.

As a Christian, I struggle to made sense of two women in their mid-fifties hanging themselves, one of whom I admired from afar, the other someone I knew since she was a teenager. But I can commend them to a just and loving God, and I can hope and pray that those prone to suicide will find the help they need. —J. Douglas Ousley


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