I will go to considerable lengths to avoid controversy. I recognize, though, that many people thrive on conflict.

Particularly in the political realm, you find men and women who love to make outrageous statements. On both the left and the right, there are lots of activists who seem to enjoy notoriety.

They even look with pride upon the antagonism their positions generate. They see themselves as “prophets”–in the biblical phrase, “speaking truth to power.”

However, in many cases, this posture smells of cheap grace: “If I’m hated, I must be doing God’s will.” Jesus was certainly not afraid to speak truth to power; his teaching got him crucified. But reveling in controversy doesn’t in itself help others to do the right thing politically. Popularity isn’t an end in itself, but neither is unpopularity.

What matters is speaking the truth as we know it in such a way that others see that truth. In that way, the Truth makes us all free. —J. Douglas Ousley


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  1. Mark says:

    It was a certain Episcopalian (at least later in his life) who said “speak softly and carry a big stick”. And while the big stick part may not be the best approach for anything these days, I think in this age of loud nonsense, people do listen to those who speak softly, and truthfully.

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