“False Witnesses?”

No one reputable questions the vast majority of claims of sexual abuse that have filled the media in these past weeks. Too many witnesses, too vivid descriptions to be made up. Plus most of those accused have admitted having made “mistakes” and apologized in one way or another (though mostly not to the satisfaction of the victims.)

But what happens further down this road, when people come forward who were not actually harmed but who want to cash in on the notoriety of the predators? This has happened before with those who falsely claimed to suffer from satanic cults, and it will inevitably happen in this case. Too much money to be gained. Too many lawyers who will take any case.

So, going forward, the evidence will need to be sifted even more stringently, and justice will need to be served. Otherwise, the gains recently made against powerful abusers will evaporate. —J. Douglas Ousley


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