On the recommendation of a friend, I recently read Yuval Noah Hariri’s Sapiens–a long and fascinating look at humanity, past, present, and future. Although it does not, in my view, treat religion fairly, the book is well worth reading.

As far as the future of Homo sapiens, Harari makes an interesting observation about the brave new world of bioengineering. He notes that if it becomes possible to bioengineer the human body to eliminate the effects of aging, that development won’t automatically lead to human happiness. For the first people to live indefinitely will be envied by those still age normally. And the elite who profit from bioengineering will still be afraid of accidental death.

Even utopias have their downsides. At least, this side of Heaven. —J. Douglas Ousley

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  1. Alex Nelson says:

    Have you had a chance to see “The Year One Million” on the National Geographic Channel? There could be any number of lives being lived simultaneously in different worlds/environments with daily downloading and updating so that nothing is ever lost that couldn’t be backed-up and replaced. What will it mean to be human if you never die and get an infinite number of do-overs ? Very scary. Friend of mine sent me a summary of “Sapiens” and it was incredibly interesting.

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