North Korea

This past Sunday, I spoke at some length about the North Korean Christians and their suffering. I mentioned for example a report that they must pray with their eyes open; if they close their eyes and are caught praying, they can be sent to prison.

Two days later, the North Korean government launched what is apparently their first inter-continental ballistic missile. Christian peacemakers in America are now faced with the very difficult question of what to do in response to what is now a serious threat to our future peace.

If, for example, the North Koreans should send a nuclear warhead to Alaska, what would we do? A pacifist response wouldn’t seem sustainable. So is a pacifist solution possible now–or must we do something military to eliminate the threat?

I have no idea; I hope that our leaders think of something. While I pray with my eyes closed, I hope they will be acting with their eyes wide open. —J. Douglas Ousley


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