A Generational Thing

Our Suffragan Bishop made an official visitation last Sunday. Such a visit includes a review of the seven parish registers, which list attendance, membership, etc. As the Bishop was initialing each book, I noted that we usually have more baptisms than funerals. He replied that in many parishes he visited, the reverse was true.

The Bishop thought that the preponderance of deaths over births was “a generational thing.” It is certainly true demographically that a large cohort of the members of the Episcopal Church is in the Baby Boomer category, a generation that is on its way out.

This fact seems to me to be worth pondering on a theological level. We need to be wary of imposing a 60’s era mindset on the Church of the future, just because current leaders prefer to look at the world in this way. We need to remind ourselves that the future of the Church belongs not to us but to God. —J. Douglas Ousley

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