Preaching to Ourselves

Lent can be wearying. It can often seem longer than 40 days and 40 nights!

But one way to make the season more productive is to ask ourselves, what is this Lent teaching us? Are we learning to be more patient? This Lent, I’m watching what I eat more than usual and abstaining from meat, and I am reminded once again how much I love what I eat and how strong my appetite is. I’m grateful for that, of course, but I know that I need to reign myself in as well.

The very long Gospel readings teach us how complicated religion can be. Our faith isn’t simple or simplistic; it requires all that our minds can put into it.

Finally, Lent may seem long, but it does pass. And the passing time reminds us to measure our days and be grateful even for the challenges our days bring. —J. Douglas Ousley



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