In the Beginning

By any standard, the Trump administration is off to a tumultuous start. Episcopalians might take notice of a few events from the opening days of the new regime.

First, the first two prayer services which the new (and not notably pious) President attended were in Episcopalian buildings: St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square (“the Church of the Presidents”) and the National Cathedral. There was some pushback from anti-Trump quarters, but one might counter that it’s better to retain the influence we have over national services of worship than to give it up to other religious groups.

Second, among many early executive orders, Mr. Trump re-started the Dakota Pipeline project. The pipeline goes through Native American lands and the Episcopal Church has sponsored many demonstrations against the project, which was halted in December by the Obama administration. We will be hearing a lot about this particular issue in the weeks ahead.

Whatever we feel about our new leader, we need to keep him and all in authority in Washington in our prayers. —J. Douglas Ousley

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