My Experience in Trump Tower

One hot summer day, some years ago, I was walking through the lobby of Trump Tower, cooling off on my way to Central Park.

Suddenly, I heard a shriek! I looked down at the lower level of the lobby and saw Donald Trump himself , striding across on his way to an elevator. The scream came from a woman in what was obviously a group of tourists; the lady, clad in a pink pants suit, was overcome with excitement at seeing in person the reality TV star.

Being one of the many New Yorkers who at that time didn’t appreciate Mr. Trump’s star quality, I was bemused at the attention he got. (He cheerily waved back at the woman, then proceeded on about his business.) Little did I know then that the American Heartland’s attraction to Mr. Trump would one day propel him into the White House. —J. Douglas Ousley

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  1. John Ubieta says:

    I think many of us were genuinely surprised by Trump’s election victory, including a lot of his supporters who were convinced our electoral process was rigged against him and their movement. However one feels about the outcome I think now it’s the time to embrace the new changes and move on with our lives. We’ve had probably the most bitter and acrimonious political campaign in history and we can’t afford to go through a post election meltdown. Yesterday during our Sunday service, as Adrian, our Assistant Minister, prayed for President-elect Donald and Barack, our president, the reality of change sank in, sounding more official than CNN’s election results. The clergy had spoken, and in putting those two names in the same sentence for the purposes of prayer, it had also united all of us together as one, under one God, one flag and one country.

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