Apocalypse Soon?

Apocalyptic thinking is found throughout the Bible. The Old Testament prophets foretell future doom, as do all the New Testament writers and Jesus himself. According to these witnesses, when God’s judgment arrives, sinners won’t be pleased.

So the electoral apocalypse predicted by social commentators on the left and right has some spiritual roots. One example is the worry that President Trump would outlaw abortion and align himself with Russia. Another is the perceived threat that President Clinton would curtail religious freedom and undermine family values.

I agree that this election raises issues of enormous consequence. But I don’t believe the Apocalypse is imminent. Christians are often overly prone to catastrophic thinking. It’s better to live in hope. The End of Time has often been predicted. My own view (and prayer) is that God will continue to bless America. —J. Douglas Ousley

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One Response to “Apocalypse Soon?”

  1. John Ubieta says:

    It’s not the end of times or an apocalypse, but definitely our country is navigating unchartered waters. We have become much more divided than ever before to the point that our institutions, like the FBI, are taking sides and leaking information to the media about the Clinton emails, according to CNN. As I write this, Smerconish from CNN is voicing his concern about the day after the elections. He is warning that our division will tear the country apart and endanger our democracy. Neither the Trump or Clinton camps show any signs of reconciliation and neither of their respective leaders are unifying figures. Both are autocratic and polarizing. In the next few days the polls will tighten and the media will declare the race to close to call which means we will probably have a very long election night. And then the real drama will begin.

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