How in Heaven’s Name Should I Vote?

I have friends on both sides in the current presidential election, so there’s nothing I can say about either candidate that won’t annoy someone whose friendship I value.

But there are also many people who are struggling to vote at all, and some of them have asked me for my advice. Beyond the obvious–praying for divine wisdom and guidance–I don’t have any recommendations. I wish I did.

It is strange that people see the candidates in such different ways. As is usual, some Christians see “prophetic witness” where others see the work of the Devil! With two weeks to go to Election Day, many of the faithful will be looking for inspiration. —J. Douglas Ousley

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5 Responses to “How in Heaven’s Name Should I Vote?”

  1. Maureen says:

    Very important post, Doug. The issue is less for whom to vote — that follows; but more important, how do we make decisions? There are many approaches, but looking at several layers of evidence regarding one’s vote, and its broader implications, is one way.

    After a first level of ‘first glance’ at the candidates, where most people get stuck and have anxiety, a voter can look at the 2016 party platforms, in a second level of examination. For Democrats and Republicans, these are very distinct theses in content, tone and philosophy. The total 100 or so pages are a worthwhile read over the next 10 days, for those who are calling on you.

    Going to a third level of examination, a review of each candidate’s resume, bio, life milestones, personal philosophy, references, writings, etc., will be instructional. What a person has done in the past is likely to be repeated in the future. This is where the larger motifs of society and the universe that are presented in scripture can help interpret these lives in context, and yes, even predict the future.

    There are many other strategies involved, but praying for wisdom & courage to interpret hard evidence and information at hand, and to make the best, mature decisions, could be a beautiful thing.

    Will you be having a special service on Election Day? Good luck!

  2. Susan B Adams says:

    I think that IT IS ABOUT TIME FOR THE USA TO ELECT A WOMAN PRESIDENT. Many other enlightened countries have done so and it is inconceivable to me that we have not as yet. While both our candidates have flaws, I find that Hillary Clinton’s experience — both foreign and domestic — make her the obvious choice. Besides that, Donald Trump is a rich bumbler who, to my mind, wants the presidency to promote his businesses and NOT to serve the country.

  3. Maryann Caliri says:

    Hillary should not be elected president because of her gender. She is obviously incompetent, an example. BENGHAZI where our Ambassador and three others were killed. Not only were they killed because of her incompetence and/or lack of caring but she lied about in being a terrorist attack and said it was a spontaneous demonstration. Also, she is pathological liar and corrupt – after being subpoenaed by the FBI she destroyed evidence – 33,000 emails – THIS IS A CRIME. Having a personal Server in her basement of her home where she sent and received Classified information is a crime. Others who have done not even one percent of what she has done are in jail. But, I guess, when your husband meets with the Head of the Justice Department you can get away with anything. This just
    the tip of the iceberg.

  4. John Ubieta says:

    It’s probably the most difficult election we’ve ever faced as a nation. Over the years there has been a growing anti-government, anti-lobbying, anti-Washington sentiment which is now boiling over. If you take into account the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump followers you have a very sizeable group that cannot be simply ignored. On the other hand you have the so-called establishment Clinton/Bush/Romney forces trying to continue on the same path with the promise of new, but very modest changes. Europe is also facing similar problems. In Germany you have the nationalist AfD Party gaining ground, in Austria it’s the Freedom Party which is within reach of taking over the government, in France Marine Le Pen’s Nationalist Front has gained much support, and in the UK we have the example of Brexit. You have similar movements in Scandinavia and the Netherlands. So the Sanders/Trump factor is part of this world trend and it’s fueled by a feeling that only an elite gets to live the good life while others struggle and get no where. We can argue all day whether this perception is correct or not, but the facts are that in our case, the economy is stagnant, salaries are not rising to meet rising costs, the so-called Affordable Care Act is becoming a nightmare, our infrastructure is poorer by the day, our trade deficit is growing as is our prison population, which is the biggest in the world, and our graduating college students face a crushing debt which doesn’t allow them to grow financially. These are real facts, not campaign slogans. What I fear the most is not the elections, but what will happen next. If Trump loses he’s not going quietly into the night. Most likely he’ll announce a new grass roots movement to take over the GOP and Congress in the 2018 Congressional elections, and armed fringe groups will become more present. If Hillary wins she will be like the runner who crosses the finish line and then collapses. Hillary doesn’t have Bill’s charisma or unifying power and won’t be able to push her agenda forward. Add to this the horrifying backdrop of the expanding war in the Middle East and Syria and a possible confrontation with Russia which is literally preparing for war. In conclusion, I just don’t see any easy way out.

  5. Maryann Caliri says:

    I agree that if Trump loses he will not go quietly into the night and why should he? In the past when elections were basically honest and not corrupt like this one the loser did go quietly – this is not that type of election. Just two examples (there are a lot more) examples of the corruption are Bill Clinton meeting with the Attorney General of the United States Loretta Lynch while his wife is under investigation. The second one is the DNC Chair and CNN reporter feeding questions to Hillary in advance of debates

    As far as Hillary’s agenda is concerned, it is hard to know what it is when it changes based on what group she is speaking to .

    You are definitely right there is no easy way out. Hillary was an incompetent
    Secretary of State I cannot see anyone voting for her for POTUS.

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