Ordinary Time

Sunday night, one of our parishioners was having dinner about 110 feet from the bombing on 23rd Street–in a restaurant on 24th Street. He not only didn’t hear the blast, but he went on to enjoy a leisurely meal and only learned of the bomb when he left the restaurant! Even then, he said most of the surrounding streets seemed to be displaying business as usual.

The church refers to the many Sundays between the Feast of Pentecost in the spring and the beginning of the Season of Advent in late November or early December as “Ordinary Time.” The lessons and prayers set for these Sundays are generic, nothing particular to the season, “ordinary.”

So the city is wracked by bombs and life goes on. Terror has become ordinary. God help us.–J. Douglas Ousley

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  1. John Ubieta says:

    I think people in general are too overwhelmed with so much happening at the same time. Last weekend it was the bombing, this weekend is the events in Oklahoma and Charlotte, NC involving the deaths of black men in the hands of police and by Sunday it will all be about the big debate on Monday night between Clinton and Trump. When Tuesday comes both sides will claim victory and we will all be debating among ourselves who is better. All this on top of our own personal problems. I think as a defense mechanism all of us to some degree or another try to make it seem as if it is all ordinary.

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