Numbers Game

A couple of days ago, I was discussing church attendance with a parishioner. He observed that many people seem no longer to feel under the obligation to attend church every Sunday. Even Roman Catholics don’t worry about committing a mortal sin if they fail to go to mass. Even devout Protestants “honor the Sabbath” with all sorts of leisure activities besides worship.

In fact, the new attendance norm could explain why church attendance has lagged in recent years. If a person goes to church once a month instead of four times, her attendance record declines by 75%.

I myself see no problem with the every-Sunday old rule. It follows the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament and it encourages regular sharing of the Body of Christ, as commended in the New Testament. But people today seem to need more than just duty to bring them to church. Something for all of us concerned about the future of Christian religion to think about. —J. Douglas Ousley

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2 Responses to “Numbers Game”

  1. apples says:

    Perhaps church attendance is Low ’cause going to church today is NOT about Jesus Christ anymore — but about Political-correctness + there’s no spirituality or acknowledging even the supernatural — + forget about the Bible! Its just non-stop community activists promoting Homosexuals + minority outreach. Might as well just visit MSNBC. Yikes!

  2. The response from Apples on 9/20 is perhaps the reason that we need to revisit the first century Christian church. What is it that caused 3,000 people to be added to their number in one day? The 3,000 were told about repentance, water baptism by full immersion, and how to receive the indwelling Holy Spirit of God. Can the Holy Spirit work the same miracle in growth in today’s church? He is the same yesterday and today and forever.

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