Religion and Politics, Encore

At a Supper Group meeting last night, I suggested that we avoid discussing the upcoming presidential election. I knew there were strongly held opinions scattered among the members of the group.

The group agreed with my request. However, the conversation still kept veering off toward politics; the words, “Trump” and “Clinton” kept appearing. Several times, I had to abruptly change the subject. The topic seemed inescapable.

One member of the Supper Group reminded us of the general admonition to avoid discussion of religion and politics. Now as part of a church program, we weren’t required to avoid religion! But this election is making it very hard to prevent arguments about politics, even among members of the same congregation. —J. Douglas Ousley

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  1. Maryann Caliri says:

    Although I was one of the people who wanted to have a political discussion group I now think that it is NOT a good idea. I will challenge people that make “soundbite” comments with no facts behind it. I also find that if a person disagrees with someone on a particular issue that they will be called names and labelled as a “phobe” of one sort or another which can start some very “rabid arguments particularly in this election. Although some rabid arguments maybe very stimulating I don’t think we should do it with fellow church members where we could damage long term relationships.

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