Proof of God?

During my last vacation days of the summer, I enjoyed reading David Gelertner’s The Tides of Mind. Gelertner is a professor of computer science at Yale, a pioneer in the Internet and predictor of the rise of social media, among many other accomplishments in tech fields.

His book, though, is about what he calls the “spectrum” of the mind, ranging from reasoning at the top of the spectrum to dreaming at the bottom. The ideas are much more complicated than my summary indicates, but the writing is lucid and the reader is given much to think about. For example, I had never reflected on the peculiar state of consciousness that we have just before we sleep.

Gelertner is apparently a practicing Jew and there are hints of his faith here and there in the book. I”ll close with one of his most provocative comments: “I think that, in truth, nearly all of us do believe in God, although we don’t realize it ourselves…The original, most basic repressed idea of the modern psyche is our belief in God. The fact that we do believe proves nothing, except how much mind fashions change, and how much they matter. It’s just interesting…”–J. Douglas Ousley



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