Religion and Politics

Among the many confusions of this year’s Presidential race is the influence of the candidates’ religious beliefs on the voters. The most public Christian, Ted Cruz appeals mostly to very conservative Christians. Donald Trump is a professed mainline Christian (with some Episcopal connections, though he is Presbyterian) but few in the Protestant churches seem to be rallying to his side because of his beliefs.

Hillary Clinton is Methodist; her Christian connection may be helping her with minority voters since Bernie Sanders’ background is Jewish. Neither of them, however, talk much about their personal faith.

Since the rest of the field seem irrelevant to the final election, there are few conclusions yet to be drawn about the effect of religion on this contest. That said, prayer for our country would still seem to be a good idea.

J. Douglas Ousley

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2 Responses to “Religion and Politics”

  1. Melissa Gordon says:

    Prayer for our country is an excellent idea and a vote for Hillary a better one. Come on Doug unless Kasich emerges like the angel Gabrielle (probably have something wrong with my religious imagery here) there is no one on the Republican side who won’t destroy this country.

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Doug,

    Hillary is a felon, Trump is a fascist, Cruz is a foreigner and Bernie is an avowed communist.

    I don’t see any religion at all there.

    I think a prayer for the country, but a prayer for real leadership is what is needed.


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