What’s A Moderate to Do?

The Church of England and its Anglican offshoots traditionally have been held to present a via media. That is, a “middle way” between the extremes of Roman Catholicism on the one hand and Protestantism on the other.

One hears this phrase less often today, when some branches of our Anglican Communion are now decidedly liberal-Protestant and others are conservative-Anglo-Catholic, with very little room for compromise. As in American politics, there seem to be few old-fashioned “moderates” left in the field.

What then is the role for those of us who consider ourselves less extreme to play? Well, we can try to moderate between the factions, when we can get them to speak to each other. Or in our own thoughts and speech, we can try to lower the temperature of the debate.

I know–easier said than done. But what’s a moderate to do? —J. Douglas Ousley

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