Was George Washington a Christian?

Many of the Founding Fathers were influenced by the Enlightenment and the attendant philosophy of Deism. According to Deists, God created the world and then let the world go on, making no further interventions in the course of events.

Washington may or may not have been a Deist. He was however an Episcopalian and Vestryman; I will be giving evidence of this commitment in my sermon this Sunday.

And whatever his personal religious beliefs, George Washington seems to have had a high sense of divine providence. At the same time, he seems to have had little inclination to mix politics and sectarian religion. In the current American political scene, where there are arguments as to which candidate is the most “Christian,” Washington’s approach would seem much more likely to promote peace in our republic. —J. Douglas Ousley

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  1. John Ubieta says:

    Today in MSNBC “Morning Joe” John Podhoretz, a NY Post columnist was precisely talking about George Washington and the Founding Fathers and lamented the fact that none of the current presidential candidates measured to their status. He was talking in reaction to Trump’s sweeping victory last night in Nevada. He further lamented the cultural demise of the American people who no longer demand great leadership. I think we’ve become an angry and bitterly divided nation on all levels and this will also affect churches and their parishes pitting more conservative Christians against denominations which are socially more liberal.

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