We Got Off Easy

This is the first of what I imagine will be several posts about the recent decision of the Anglican Primates to prohibit members of the Episcopal Church from participating in international Christian and Anglican meetings for the next three years.

I will consider the many responses in another post. Now, I want to offer a few immediate reactions of my own.

  1. We knew some kind of censure was coming. While gay ordination and marriage have won remarkably wide acceptance in the United States, most of the rest of the world holds traditional views about marriage. We had been warned repeatedly by outspoken bishops from the booming Anglican churches in Africa, in particular.
  2. Our punishment is relatively mild. International meetings have few consequences. We are still part of the Anglican Communion, thank God.
  3. As a practical matter, parish links such as those between the Diocese of New York and the Diocese of London will continue as before. In fact, they are more important now than ever.

In sum, we got off easy–but the battle for marriage and ordination equality is by no means over. —J. Douglas Ousley

(Your responses and opinions are welcome.)

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One Response to “We Got Off Easy”

  1. John Ubieta says:

    I think we’re paying way too much attention to this issue and evading the most obvious one in front of us: demographics. Our church currently has 1.8 million members, that’s less than the number of those filling Times Square on New Year’s Eve. By comparison the Catholic Church has 66 million members and the Mormons have grown significantly the past years with around 15 million members. A church without numbers is a church without clout regardless of how much money some of its members invest in individual parishes. We simply must find a way of attracting a more diverse crowd of people who are NOT academic, upper class professionals, and completely out of touch with the rest. This is what will ultimately kill our church, not the Primates in the UK.

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