Hands Across the Ocean

I am just back from a week in London. I preached at the farewell service for our Link Parish Rector, Dr. Alan McCormack. His church of St. Vedast-Alias-Fosters was packed; among the civic dignitaries was the newly elected Lord Mayor of the City of London. On the trip, I also met with clergy regarding other links between London and New York. The senior warden at St. Vedast is hoping that Incarnation can have another parishioner group exchange in 2016.

As always, I am encouraged by the natural community we share with members of our Mother Church of England. They are struggling with attendance issues as we are, and they are finding change difficult.

But the clergy and lay leaders remain committed and enthusiastic. We may be thankful for our historic bonds with the C of E and for all the occasions we can find to support each other. —J. Douglas Ousley

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