Adam Gopnick at Incarnation

Last night, one of New York’s most prominent intellectuals, the New Yorker writer Adam Gopnick spoke at Incarnation.

Mr. Gopnick was addressing the Trollope Society; I am myself a Trollope fan and I occasionally rent the Assembly Hall to the Society for their meetings. The speaker spoke of the value of reading the nineteenth century novelist, who always tells things as they are, and who uses fiction to illuminate–as the title of one of his books says–“the way we live now.” Anthony Trollope’s Palliser series of novels portrays the backstage political world not only of Victorian London but of modern day America.

And his even more famous Barchester novels give great insight into the Church of England. I often advise people who want to know how Anglicanism functions to read these books, especially Barchester Towers. Trollope’s satire can be biting and it is always funny. And it reminds those of us who are churchgoers not to take our institution too seriously! —J. Douglas Ousley

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