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The 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church begins this week in sunny Salt Lake City. The Convention is always held in the summer and always in cities that are cheap to visit in summer months; a few years ago, the convention was in very sunny Phoenix.

The main interest seems to be the election of a new Presiding Bishop. I’ve already given my opinion on that in a previous blog. Some bishops are predicting that my first choice of a year ago, Michael Curry of North Carolina, will be elected on the first ballot.

What is equally interesting is how there is no other main interest! The world’s largest democratic body, meeting for almost two weeks at vast expense, seems to have nothing much to decide.

That’s especially disheartening when every recent year’s statistics register declines in membership and attendance at American Episcopal churches. May God save his church. —J. Douglas Ousley

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  1. John S. Wright says:

    Michael Curry is my bishop in North Carolina. I have been greatly impressed with his eloquence and inspiring pulpit ministry as well as his wealth of ideas to make the church begin to thrive and grow again. I think he would make an excellent Presiding Bishop.

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