Easter Cliches

Every priest I know struggles with Easter sermons. Everyone has heard it all before; it’s hard to say anything new.

But, in addition, it’s also hard to wrap our minds around the event that Easter celebrates. What was “the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead?” What does it mean to us, 2000 years later? What new life do we have now?

Perhaps it’s worth noting that Easter is not so much to be thought about as to be experienced. And in the experience of Holy Week and Easter, the imagination is as much an engine of inspiration as the reason.

That’s why we walk the way of the Cross with Jesus from Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper, to Good Friday and the Cross, and to Easter Eve and the New Fire before we arrive at the joy of Easter Day. In doing so, we go way beyond the cliches.

Happy Holy Week. —J. Douglas Ousley


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