A New Trec

The Task Force for Reimagining the Church (TREC) has just issued a report. The report summarizes what TREC considers to be the changes the Episcopal Church has to make in order to stop its decline and expand its mission.

While there is a lot of predictable jargon and ious talk, there’s also some substance to the Task Force’s views. The bureaucracy of the National Church is still weighty, even after years of cuts. The structure of General Convention permits too many resolutions to allow for serious discussion of anything, and the whole meeting is too big and too long and too expensive.

In addition, TREC recognizes that only real cultural change will jolt the Episcopal Church out of its lethargy. This view is often expressed by the Bishop of New York and while I am skeptical that our church will be able to reform its corporate structure soon, the report is a step in the right direction. —J. Douglas Ousley


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