PR about PR

On Sunday, I appeared on the local cable news channel, New York 1. This summer, we sponsored a contest to develop decorations for the sidewalk shed that protects the public from deteriorating stonework. We wanted in effect to turn the ugly scaffold into a billboard to publicize the church and its programs; as the reporter for NY1 remarked, “turning a lemon into lemonade.”

The entries have just been submitted by graphic artists studying at Hostos Community College in the Bronx. Further details about the project, video, and the winning designs will be available on the church website.

This happy event reminds us that Madison Avenue is still a famous street, even though most of the ad agencies are scattered all over the city. It also reminds us how our location is a plus. Though we are landmark in a prominent area and thus will have to pay a premium to fix our spire–still, we are a landmark in a prominent spot. We should be grateful for that.

This publicity was gained through the auspices of a PR firm. Thus our effort to gain publicity for the church itself led to good publicity for Incarnation. A multiplying effect, like loaves and fishes. —J. Douglas Ousley

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