History in the Making

I just attended my first official and legal same-sex wedding. Three things of note:

First, the order was virtually the same as for previous Prayer Book weddings. With a few edits, the Book of Common Prayer liturgy did just fine. No need for “special services;” marriage equality is not all that hard to put into words.

Second, several observers remarked on how “traditional” the service was, compared to many write-your-own-vows weddings. Traditionalists should be pleased.

Third and finally, the congregation was 80-90% heterosexual or children, and yet there was a universal sense of freedom and liberation and a step forward for everyone. —J. Douglas Ousley

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2 Responses to “History in the Making”

  1. Julie Kane says:

    Near the end of my term as Town Clerk of Hillsdale, NY, I was honored to issue the first same-sex marriage license in the town on the same day the law took effect.

    The wedding – to which I was invited – was beautiful, outdoors on a lovely Berkshires summer day. The service was traditional and the congregation mostly family.

    Sometimes we do get a chance to pass along some of God’s love. I am grateful.

  2. Sandra Rhodes says:

    Dear Rev. Ousley, It meant the world to us to have you make the major effort to attend our wedding. I cannot tell you how many guests commented to us on how much they enjoyed the service and how refreshing it was to attend a wedding with traditional vows. Thank you for your support and encouragement. You have a very special place in our family. Sandra & Francesca

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