There Will Always Be A Church of England

First, it shouldn’t amaze me but it does that the Wall Street Journal sends out urgent emails to update me on the progress of the birth of the new heir to the throne. Can we look forward to a live broadcast of the royal son’s baptism? However moribund the Church of England sometimes seems, our spiritual motherland still makes news.

Second, declining though it may be, the C of E doesn’t lack imaginative clergy posts. A recent Church Times carried a letter from a member of the Ascot Racecourse Chaplaincy Service; the priest was pictured in clericals and top hat.

A more substantive letter asked for the General Synod to address the gender imbalance in many churches, which often runs 3 to 1 in favor of women. As the author points out, if the balance went the other way, “we would rightly want to address such an imbalance.” This pries holds the interesting title of Diocesan Missioner for Unreached Men in the Diocese of Oxford. —J. Douglas Ousley

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