Marriage Equality

As I have remarked before, in the late 1960’s, I worked as a seminarian intern in a Manhattan parish that was active in promoting “gay liberation,” as it was then called. Blessing of gay unions were frequent even if they were technically heterodox. Gay marriage wasn’t in the cards. It wasn’t conceivable by traditionalists who believed that marriage could only take place between a man and woman. It wasn’t desired by gay liberals because they thought the institution itself was doomed.

Times have obviously changed. Marriage is taking place between couples of the same sex, like it or not. And many gays and lesbians are supporting the institution of marriage.

There are still strongholds of resistance. Last week, I heard a Catholic prelate claim that the counter-cultural message of Christianity demanded resistance to gay marriage–an interesting reversal of the idea of “counter-culture” that was developed in the 1960’s!

Even so, the reality is: times have changed. Thank God. —J. Douglas Ousley

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