Busy Shepherds

A visit from the new Bishop of Pittsburgh reminded me how full the average bishop’s schedule is. Bishop Dorsey McConnell had received an honorary doctorate the night before coming to Incarnation for an elaborate ordination in our church. Following a reception in our parish house, he rushed to Newark Airport where he was to have dinner with a clergyperson before boarding a plane that would get him into Pittsburgh some time after midnight.

The previous week, the bishop had been in Uganda as part of another ministry he is involved in. And he is stretched even though, because of a split some years ago, the Diocese of Pittsburgh is one of the smallest dioceses in the Episcopal Church.

A salutary reminder to those of us who are prone to criticize our bishops that their public ministries (and their unseen work of sorting out parish and clergy crises) would exhaust most people. If they fail to do some things we might like them to do, they do succeed in doing many things we are glad we don’t have to do. —J. Douglas Ousley

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