The Holy Spirit and the Episcopal Church

“At the 77th General Convention, the Holy Spirit called The Episcopal Church to reimagine itself and how it can more deeply live into its identity in our rapidly changing world.”

This will be news to some, if not most, Episcopalians. Some may wonder what it means to more deeply live into one’s identity.

Be that as it may, a little Episcopal re-imagining would certainly be welcome. And the national church leaders have come up with a task force to do just that; the quotation above trumpets the initial meeting of the group.

The members are now working out an “engagement strategy.” As someone who recently became engaged myself, I couldn’t help but applaud this idea. A little strategy would help, too. And although few members of the Task Force appear to be prominent theologians or church leaders, we may be grateful that they are invoking the help of the Holy Spirit.

As we re-imagine ourselves, we might also employ another invocation, from the Great Litany: “Good Lord, deliver us.” —J. Douglas Ousley

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