Ecclesiastical Cliff

A parishioner recently pointed out the irony that our Men’s Group is scheduled to discuss the Church of England’s inability to ordain women bishops–which puts a bunch of men talking about the fate of a bunch of women.

Actually, most of our members are strongly in favor of the ordination of women. But the same faintly inappropriate aura emerged a few weeks ago from the ending of a fifteen-year attempt to allow English women to become bishops. The word now is that church leaders will attempt to fast-track new legislation, rather than waiting until the old proposal can be voted on by a new General Synod in 2015. Apparently, the embarrassment of this defeat was too much even for the C of E.

The parallel with the U.S. Government, which also seems unable to pass legislation that most of its constituents very much desire, is strange. —J. Douglas Ousley

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