What is Wrong With This Picture?

At a recent meeting of diocesan leaders of outreach projects, those attending were placed into small groups to discuss their experiences. We were particularly asked to evaluate whether our programs were contributing to the growth and development of those we served, or whether we were simply creating a culture of dependency.

One woman in my group has worked in a large church dinner program for 16 years. A three-course meal is served, carefully cooked and planned to provide maximum dietary benefit. Recently, however, some guests have been asking for vegetarian options–even though only one of the many items offered on a given evening would be meat, there was always salad, etc.

The woman recognized that her program wasn’t serving the starving, of whom there are very few in America. But she wondered how hungry these people could be if they could be so demanding of their free cuisine. She asked, “What is wrong with this picture?”

Food for thought, as we try to serve the poor in Christ’s name. —J. Douglas Ousley

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One Response to “What is Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. John Ubieta says:

    If Kim Kardashian, Snooki, or Lindsay Lohan complain, would this lady also find it strange? Now wait a minute, I’m comparing celebrities to needy people. And that’s my point. Reality TV makes anyone greater than life. People are not dumb, they know Kim, Snooki and Lindsay are not exactly Noble Peace Prize recipients yet get to live a very good life compared to most. Ms. Kardashian gets payed an average of 200K a week just for appearances, on top of her modeling and family retail business. She has tried acting, singing and simply hasn’t made any inroads. So basically she relies on her reality tv show. Many people watching this simply ask, and why not me? And they’re right. What does Kim and Snooki contribute to society when it’s all about them? Bottom line is if Snooki can curse, rave and rant, get drunk AND be rewarded for it, while Kim keeps cashing in just by appearing, and Lindsay flashes her Get out of Jail card, you better believe even the homeless will demand Grey Poupon for their organic, chemical free hot dogs. At this time, none of these patterns can be reversed. Once everyone can see through mass media what everyone else has, a natural demand for what is perceived as a better life occurs and then it is impossible to determine who deserves what and when.

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